Flying your drone? There’s an app to help with that…

There is an app for basically everything nowadays…  They may not always be useful but you can pretty much find an app related to just about anything.

For flying your drone, there is one that is extremely useful and according to a recent update from its developers, is only getting better.

“Hover” (available only at the Apple App Store currently) is an app for Drone enthusiasts that brings relevant environmental data for flying to one place and includes a few other features of additional interest.

When you first open the app, the top of the app home screen gives you a simple fly/fly indicator.  So you’ll be able to quickly and easily tell if you’re good to go, take caution or shouldn’t fly at your current location.

Just below that it pulls and summarizes Yahoo Weather’s data for your current location (via GPS) showing you temperature and weather in a easy to understand icon.

You’ll also get a reading on wind direction and speed, so no more throwing grass in the air and making a guess at it!  Or for you DJI Phantom flyers going for top speed records, you can see how much assistance you’ll be getting wind-wise.  (Not recommended, fly at your own risk!)

Swipe the app home screen to the right and you’ll see a map showing areas with flight restrictions like airports, military bases, and National Parks.  All good info to know when flying in a new area so you don’t accidentally find yourself in trouble.

Additional interesting features are a simple flight timer to keep track of time (tap the timer at the bottom of the app home screen) and the drone related articles (swipe the app home screen left).  So say you check the conditions on Hover, and find it isn’t a good time to fly… Swipe left and read about whats going on in the drone world till the conditions get better or just to pass the time.

One feature that could imrpove Hover is knowing the planetary k-index, which is the measure of the magnitude of geomagnetic storms.  The k-index is an excellent indicator of disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field, which affect the electrical power grid, spacecraft operations, users of radio signals that reflect off of or pass through the ionosphere, and observers of the aurora.  In drone terms it potentially affects our controls, GPS and compass calibrations.

But as per an update on a thread in the forum, there will be an update soon that includes “…Major fix with incorrect weather data, + Kp Index, Moved stopwatch to top view, Bug fixes”

This is definitely an app necessary for drone enthusiasts!

(No word yet for Android users, but it could only be a matter of time.)

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