DJI releases a required update for Inspire 1

Drone enthusiasts have probably seen the Gizmodo article and Youtube video showing one Inspire 1 owner’s drone charge and try to tackle a garage door (right next to his wife!).
Today, DJI released a required update (Inspire 1 Firmware v1.2.0.16) on the Inspire 1’s Downloads page of their website.
DJI states,

A required update is now available for your DJI Inspire 1. This update will fix an issue that some users may experience with the attitude drift and includes other important updates. Please download the firmware package and update your aircraft’s firmware immediately.

They also posted a video on Youtube detailing how to update the firmware.

So if you recently spent the near $3k (or the same amount you could have for a used 90’s model Honda) on a DJI Inspire 1, you probably want to update the firmware and review the “DJI Inspire 1 Tutorial “Pilot App” Youtube video (also released today).


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