Lost and Found… at RCFlyAways.com

Drone Garage recently came across a website called RCFlyAways.com that has the potential to help drone enthusiasts continue to enjoy drone life in the event they suffer from a fly away.

It looks like the site is still in it’s infancy, but this could be like a drone lost and found bin! Like any other crowd sourced type of website, it will depend on users to prove it’s effectiveness. It’s a great idea and hopefully becomes a great back up in the event your own GPS tracking device doesn’t help you get your drone back!

Right now the site is free to use, and the way it works is after creating an account you can create a posting for either a lost or found drone. And if you are creating one for a lost drone, you have the option to set a reward.

The website creator also states:

…Here we could also count how many of us experienced a flyaway, which RC UAVs are most at risk and also push the producers to address this issue more seriously.

Should this map become popular, it could also help identify places where flyaways are more frequent, possibly finding other causes.

Many would counter that 99% of fly aways are caused by pilot error.  But it would be interesting to see if any location specific data lends to that “1%” from equipment error.

We’re looking forward to the future of RCFlyAways.com and hopefully seeing some success stories of drone enthusiasts reunited with their very expensive gear!

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