Pilots polled! How will flying be in 2015?

Skypixel, the leading community for sharing aerial photos and videos, created a poll at the end of last year to gather information regarding the dramatic rise in the drone industry.
They created a few infographics to capture the information in a visually appealing presentation.

How will you be using your drone this year? Majority will be using it for photography followed by film making. Drone garage anticipates the FPV flying and racing will get even more popular this year as well.
More than half of the drone pilots out there fly alone… It’s not a bad thing, but it is an expensive hobby so it makes sense that there isn’t a lot of group flying going on. Again, when FPV flying and racing rises in popularity, that statistic will probably change.
It only makes sense that more than half of the drone pilots out there have two or more drones. It seems many start small and inexpensive, then purchase their more higher ends models as flying skills get better. And with the different types of flying, some models fit the bill better than others.

Read the original article here: HOW ARE PILOTS FLYING IN 2015?

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