How to: Install the new Flytrex CAN BUS adapter!

At the beginning of 2015 Flytrex released a new product, a CAN BUS adapter that makes the Flytrex Live 3G a true plug and play add on to your Phantom, Naza 2 and A2 systems.

First shipments of the new adapter started to arrive around the end of January and at the time of this writing, a few 15-20 minute Youtube videos go over how to install them.

Looking for a no frills, quick video turned up no results, so Drone Garage is going to outline the process of installing the adapter in a Phantom 2 v2.0 in a few simple photos.
(This article is provided only as a guide.  If you installed the Flytrex Live 3G previously, you should be relatively familiar)

Here’s what you’ll need. The CAN BUS adapter ships with two of the smaller cable, good to have a spare just in case!
If you previously had a Live 3G installed, you will no longer need this cable. It is the one that connects between the GPS module in the top shell to the main board adding the branch connecting to the Live 3G.
Plug the Flytrex CAN BUS adapter into the Phantom’s CAN BUS plug. It was originally mounted on one of the landing leg’s. In this Phantom it has been relocated to inside the shell. If you have a DJI iOSD mini, you can plug that into the Flytrex CAN BUS adapter. Flytrex did a great job in creating a “pass through” if you will, so that other CAN BUS components can be plugged in. Next thing to do would be to find a place for everything inside of the body. Be sure the locations you choose do not put too much tension on any other components or create potential areas where wires could be cut, frayed or damaged.

Once the adapter is plugged in and in its new location, route the smaller wire harness to your liking and plug one end into the Flytrex adapter and the other into the Live 3G.  Last thing to do is to either tuck away the original power wires on the Live 3G or just cut them off.  Once that’s all completed, power up your Phantom and test to make sure your Live 3G gets power and operates normally.  If all is well, then go out and enjoy drone life!

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