Video of the Week: “Project Strider” by Red Rotor RC

For all the mini quad enthusiasts out there, check out this feature packed 250 sized quad by Red Rotor RC.

V1.1 of the Strider is only 128g! And it’s capable of taking 5″ and 6″ propellers organically. No motor extensions required, though it could potentially benefit from angled motor mounts in the future.
Another feature of the Strider is filtered regulated power support for 3S-4S. No need to set any solder bridges. It also has 2 separate FPV camera connectors to provide 12V and 5V power.
Two other bonuses to mention are the inclusion of parts that are normally separate costs for other quads. The Strider includes a Jello-free isolated HD video mount, for silky smooth video! And the RROSD (Integrated OSD)! It provides a timer, voltage & current sensors, RSSI (digital and analog), remotely controlled super bright LEDs ( red in back and green in front) and a lost model siren.

Click here to order the Strider from Red Rotor RC!

Stay tuned for a Drone Garage Strider build in the future!

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