Photo Review: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus

Everyone likes eye candy. And Drone Garage is no different!  Here is your first installment of a new segment we’ll call Photo Review!

We’ll bring you lots of photos and talk about feature highlights!  If you don’t know about it already, DG presents you with a Photo Review of the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus!

This particular unit was purchased from and included an FrSky X8R receiver and an aluminum travel case, all for $239.99.
View the official openTx for FrSky Taranis Wiki here.

The aluminum case seems to be of decent build quality. It’ll be put through its paces in the future as it gets transported around but for now its got a nifty and sleek finish. We’ll follow up with photos of the finish in the future. (oh, alliteration)
The fit and finish are “decent to good” quality, and it comes with simple locking latches. As cool as the aluminum case looks, its meant for travel protection so I don’t expect the finish to remain as pristine as it does new.
As it looks upon first opening the case. It comes with a lanyard, a battery charger, keys for the locks, the X8R receiver, and a few short pamphlets/manuals, as well as the radio itself and battery.
A shot of the charger in the case.
The lanyard. It’s actually decently thick and very sturdy. It comes with a nice metal release and connector for the radio.
The included X8R receiver.
The lock and keys. They’re simple but add a layer of security for your radio.
And the X9D itself! Its a feature packed radio with tons of value for the price! There are an abundance of Youtube videos showing its capabilities and how feature rich it is, very comparable to radios costing much much more!
The fit and finish of the radio are top notch!
The firmware version on this unit is labeled as more recent that what is offered on the FrSky website. Not sure why that may be…  Possibly the website hasn’t been updated to reflect the latest version.
The included manuals. You may be better served searching the internet for more detailed information. These are more like pamphlets.

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