Video of the Week: Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers 4K

This VotW is coming early, because it is just that amazing…

It doesn’t have anything to do with drones or FPV, just flying.  Humans have longed to fly since the dawn of inventing.  This seems to have come the closest for a single human to fly.  Fly without a large aircraft to pilot or ride in, but just fly.

Hats off to Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet.  These gentlemen are executing the amazing.

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FAA to launch B4UFly app

The FAA is getting into app development for drone pilots. An app called B4UFly is set to inform pilots if any restrictions exist in at the location they are about to fly in.  It will also let users know if they are in proximity of an airport, national park or other restricted airspace.  B4UFly will […]

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