Video of the Week: Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers 4K

This VotW is coming early, because it is just that amazing…

It doesn’t have anything to do with drones or FPV, just flying.  Humans have longed to fly since the dawn of inventing.  This seems to have come the closest for a single human to fly.  Fly without a large aircraft to pilot or ride in, but just fly.

Hats off to Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet.  These gentlemen are executing the amazing.

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Video of the Week: ImmersionRC – Vortex FPV miniquad – Part 2: PID tuning sessions

In anticipation of the release of ImmersionRC’s ARF mini quad release, this weeks’ video comes from awesome pilot Ummagawd as he tests and tunes the Vortex!

One of the exciting features of the soon to be released Vortex is the ability to tune PIDs through your FPV screen, whether it be monitor or goggles.  No connecting your quad to a laptop or via bluetooth to an android app.  Another feature that many are looking forward to is that the Vortex is going to be shipped as already “tuned”.  Simply select a profile from a known pilot and fly!  Now, will you actually fly like your favorite pilot…?  Probably not, but you’ll experience first hand how they prefer their quads tuned!

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Video of the Week: Full PID Tuning Cleanflight in FPV

It seems like PID controllers and tuning PIDs requires an advance degree from a multicopter university.  The numbers in “Proportional”, “Integral” and “Derivative” columns for each line from “Roll”, “Pitch”, “Yaw” to “Level” make up a cryptic graph or chart standing between you and flying a solid, responsive, “locked in” mini quad like Charpu!

There are a plethora of videos on Youtube explaining the math behind PIDs, what to look for, how to tune, etc.  It’s overwhelming.  This weeks’ Video of the Week is one of the best explanations on how to tune your mini quad. And take it from me, I’ve watch hours upon hours of Youtube videos trying to crack the code of PID tuning.

I also found this explanation of PIDs on the RCGroups forum recently posted by user Pyrock.

…The P setting will improve its ability to hold steady up to a point at which is will start to shake. Once you’ve increased the P to the point of it shaking, just back off until it’s solid. You’re “I” setting sets your quads ability to correct for unwanted movement. It could also be your “I” setting. If your “I” is too high, it will over correct and give you a bouncing affect when outside input is introduced such as wind. A sign that your “I” is too low is if it drifts or vibrates while you’re flying. Your “D” setting allows it to be rock solid after you give it control input (not correction input due to wind or outside forces which is your “I”). Too much “D” and it will be slow to respond to stick input. Basically it is either your P or you I setting.  I hope this helps.

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Video of the Week: Updated Stairway to Heaven (Haiku Stairs)

Had to share this video of a place near where I grew up. I myself have hiked these stairs on a number of occasions. It’s amazing to see them from a Phantoms perspective.

The hike itself was beautiful and a unique journey each time I did it. Seeing it captured this way struck a personal chord with me.

Youtuber Doctor Rennie has many great cinematic style videos on his channel of Hawaii, where I call home.

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Video of the Week: DJI Inspire 1 flyaway caught on camera

Two seemingly experienced pilots suffer from a DJI Inspire 1 flyaway!  One of the pilots manages to catch majority of the odd behavior on camera.  The video description on Youtube describes how the area they are flying in is “RF quiet” and also states how the two have experience flying long distances from 1.3-1.7km but in this instance happen to lose one of the Inspires at around 900m…

It’s a highly unfortunate incident but beneficial it was caught on camera.  Hopefully they’ll be able to recover the lost Inspire.

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Video of the Week: “CharpWho?”

Check out this video on YouTube Lets Fly RC’s channel.

The video title seems to call out Lumenier Team pilot Charpu, but reading over the description you’ll see that it actually pays homage to his skill and gives thanks and appreciation for pushing Lets Fly RC to up his skills. Charpu himself leaves a comment on the video reciprocating the sentiment!


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