Video of the Week: Loops, Rolls and small Holes. -FPV

This weeks video is another by Charpu_FPV, Team Lumenier Pilot flying a QAV250.

And as the title of the video suggests, this video is full of precision flying of loops, rolls and through small holes!

Keep in mind, this is not an inexpensive hobby! I saw numerous “opportunities” to have seriously injured or even lost some gear! Flying through metal bars, near misses with head on collisions of tree trunks, diving toward the ground only to fly through a soccer goal net and bar, flying off a cliff side right over waves crashing on rocks…oh and flying under a school bus! (It was parked!)


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Video of the Week: 30 Seconds of Fun.

To kick off a new segment of Drone Garage we present to you, “30 Seconds of Fun.” from Charpu FPV’s Youtube channel.

If you’ve only been using drone’s for aerial photography or videography but also enjoy high paced, fast action pursuits you might be interested in FPV racing. In this video Charpu is flying a QAV250 quadcopter. As a Team Pilot for Lumenier (make of the QAV250) his Youtube channel showcases some aggressive, acrobatic, and precision flying, often through tight spaces at high speeds!

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